rental Rates - CAMPION speed boat

Our 18.5' speed boat is equipped with a 150hp Mercury Black Max Outboard, and is for fresh water use only. We will be glad to bring it to almost any boat launch on Vancouver Island and put it in the water for a nominal fee.

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The boat comes equipped with:

  •               Lifejackets and Lines

  •               Fish Finder / Sonar Unit; and

  •               Tube and Tow Line (our insurance does not permit skis)

  • You will be required to supply fuel and oil.




18.5' Speed Boat Rental Rate


Daily Rate: Not Available

Weekly Rate (7 days): $1200.00

Deposit: $500.00

Launch/Recovery: $75 - $125




The Fine Print

  • A security deposit of $500.00 is required.
  • Cash, check or PayPal are accepted.
  • Taxes and gratuities are not included in the above prices.
  • You will be responsible for fuel, lost gear and any damages to the craft.
  • You are the captain of this vessel, and as such are responsible for the safety of your passengers.
  • You will be expected to show competency in your boat handling skills and to act responsibly at all times.
  • Enjoy yourself but remember: Your crew is depending on you.


We Supply the Boat and You Supply the Captain


Canadian marine operator laws require that you prove competency in handling the boat and become familiar with Canadian regulations before we leave the boat in your care and control. The briefing and handling check will take about thirty minutes to complete.